Illinois artist Janice Rockwell uses watercolor to capture the essence of her surroundings. Many paintings are inspired by West Central Illinois rural landscapes and scenes from travels. Her work expresses the excitement she finds within subtle variations in nature and daily climatic color changes. A nurtured childhood growing up in a mobile military family fostered Rockwell’s appreciation for cultural differences and love for aesthetics. Celebration of life and reverence for the environment can be seen in the delicate textures, contrasts and colors that play throughout her paintings. Rockwell studied at the University of Illinois and completed a degree in Art Education at Western Illinois University. She has taught art in rural Illinois elementary and secondary schools and currently paints from Earth, Air & Water Studio in Macomb (shared with ceramist husband, Dean Rockwell). Rockwell’s work has been displayed in various area venues and art fairs and is featured at the Outsiders Gallery at Bishop Hill. She is a member of the Galesburg Civic Art Center, the Great Rivers Watercolor Society in Quincy, and the Two Rivers Arts Council in Macomb. She has received grants funding student fine arts enrichment activities and an exhibition of art exchanged between American and Slovene students.